Scattered, these are my thoughts. Scatte

A stick shaped like a chicken foot…. that’s all I can think while lying on this warm towel surrounded by cold sand seperated by nothing but each other and each one of these grains has a story but who wants to know even one.
The roaring beast with different shades of blue behind me from the brightest of the light to a dull aqua stirring together but clear apart.
It seems like nothing can deter it’s strength or at least a long this long curvy straight.
Sounding so Frighteningly powerful with it’s white teeth coming down harder each time.
Constant growling while it chews it’s nothing victim for the hundred millionth forever times infinitieth time.
You have to dive in you have to connect.
Because theres no way human nature can conquer this everlasting titan other than with it’s own ruin.
But nobody wants that and even then if it is that, the bones a black and green sludge will be an invincible incredible absolutely astounding reminder that for to conquer we had to drop lower then the low.
Using only foul play, as this wondrously inescapable beast can’t recognise deception and human nature at it’s most devilish. Devastatingly Primal it springs traps and develops mind games not even humans can figure out why or how.
But the beast blasts strength overcoming mortality, an everlaster. living alive or with death
A once pure salute to life as whence it came from because only something so powerful, something so absolutely beautiful would be able to form just as much.
How subtle life seems, the exact opposite of waves crashing down on the skulls of it’s invisible opponents.
Life developed traits similar though. a brutal reminder that everythings tough as waves even water.

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