Last day rumble

there’s nothing better when you lie down and your sheets still smell like a woman. People rave and rave about clean sheets but I don’t know what the fuss is about.

Humbled… I’d describe today with a feeling of smallness and a greater sense. I love climbing, today I had two tiny bits of plastic digging into my heels and two bits of metal halting my toes encased around some ‘proooteccctivvee caasssinngg’  oh baby it was painful I’ll tell you, it’s still painful now. But we climbed a truly pointless climb in a powerful manner, I mean nothing could stop us. Not even the threat of blisters and when our lungs screamed we laughed and continued our psychopathic climb to a small slice of freedom. Just a small climb but it was one too pack a punch wham smack. We made it back but still bang crack lucky we packed a lunch. And you know my feet are still killing me, while Lachy took photos of Jesse and Toby I just stood while they screamed and tussled in an insane madness up so high I sat overwhelmed touched and shrunk I was so small up so high the ground so brown and red with leaves and rocks committing nothing to no cause. Jutting out like they got something to stop. Like a universal right granted to everything to do what ever in heaven or hell it he or she or it wants.

Wow I was so humbled standing on the edge I could jump fall or slip and it would just happen how is that? I’m pretty sure four years ago I was invincible and maybe I still am. I know my mother wishes it was so.

Why what a week it passed like an hour and more tragedy has unfolded by the end, pain and bitter disappointment are drawn into my buddies lives but you know, definitely not mine. Which is weird.

Snake oh snakey snake snake “SNAKE”.. Woah good spot Jess.                         A little yellow belly black scooting along in the bush and we’re all thinking this place is insane. Hungry as a horse we fly back into town and nearly hit a bus a long the windy roads of Wilsons creek and then a Subaru shortly after. Recieve the cold shoulder from a lollipop man oh well. Quick look for a park no parks here so we scoot scoot scoot faster lachs gotta work and we could eat every pie in the shop. We buy one and then another save a drink for later and make 20ks in 5 minutes.

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