Woah is me

people are crazy in a media sandstorm and the man’s scorn on innocence is only breeding ignorance hate and hazy ideals coming out of minds of misinformed backwater back washed freaks that need to back the hell away…. Very very quickly!

We need, well at least I’m praying for a spiritual sit down pretty soon because I don’t know what else to do and this warfare has got to stop, lop it off, finish it off with some cops and hope that would be top darn fair dinkum tops I’ve had it.

Imagine (WOW) passive adventurous hatred. No pain, just exploration “why? Why do I hate them? Do I need to?” Those questions! Are they that hard to ask! Just say out loud or in bed “is it actually something in my subconscious? So heavy that I can’t find it in my totally average heart to find compassion?” Then you wouldn’t bomb a child and her parents just because this world is insane.

that would be my dream.

Go awol

I couldn’t join the airforce I wouldn’t join the navy

And I don’t want the infantrymen to save me

I’d turn my back on the boys in green white or yellow

I’d rather walk right up to the baddies and say hello

I’d help them when they scream

In pain because of my actions

Ordered to inflict hatred thank god for distractions

The only difference you see is the name of our factions

Signing up to end lives or aid evil in any way

We weren’t brought up to take orders so horrible without having a say.

Just think what you’re aiding and do some research first

Before you join the hunt with blood thirst

I’m not going to judge you but pain like that isn’t the answer

I’d never join I’d rather have cancer.

Last mosquito

Full with no more appetite the bug flies away bZzz droning through the other repetitive sounds of the night,  it’s the only bZzz to be heard because this room held a massacre tonight in just a few short metres, decimating a whole family except one, lonely, despicable, satiated, goddamn annoying creature nasty when it’s sucking your blood nastier when it leaves with no remorse just like a leech or the RTA or a lazy friend who expects all and doesn’t work for himself. Sheesh yikes what a horrible creature we have accepted into our lives. We can destroy whole eco systems and wipe out species or cities or even an island but we can’t get rid of a bug. I’m not usually for massacres but this would be a righteous crusade I’m sure. it’s been all thought of before and it’s all bound to fall down the plan crashing into a million pieces on the floor. The truth is there will always be one! Defying any and all leaving its family to the dogs more specifically the hands or the squatter. The seemingly most evil bug crusading back. Floating for its existence just to only float, float around sucking blood and probably keeping some micro system alive and pumping like our blood…. Which they drink so boldly with no concept  of death or risks, with simply no care for it. So what’s the point of livinig for a mosquito if it won’t care for its life and wouldn’t care even if it was the last god forsaken, satan loving, witch worshipping mosquito to ever float and bZzz around a pair of ears… At least they have a warning signal bzzzzzzzzzzzz and then a SLAP bzzzzzzzzz BANG! And it’s dead just like all its buddies, goodbye little guy. I hope it was fun while it lasted you senseless eating (sucking) machine

I think I doubt I am

Feeling weak not free on this imaginary friday, thinking I need to recover myself and this alcohol doesn’t want to help, isn’t helping and isn’t gonna help, no way. Thinking about that insane Inane Inhumane ambition some people have to  somehow be on top

Inhumane;thinking back I must have taken you for a ride. I hope you’re still not spun out on me because I can drive even me insane; I haven’t even seen or heard from my friends in days which feel like months. Some soft sort of pain vibrating through my body. Too much bad food? Too much alcohol? Maybe I’m just paranoid from all those blazed days sitting in the forest or on the broken trampoline or even that water tower just above the school. And to top everything off I got a nasty bruise on my face ouch and my self confidence is at an all time low, ouch.

One friend calls me like we had plans but I don’t know maybe he’s dragging me down. Because I feel like a goddamn drag. Dead bodies of pure animals golden retrievers and the like being dragged, either dead or drugged poor things. They can have some pity.

Inane; maybe if I had some sort of talent other then writing like some desperate wannabe or playing some simple tune.

I AM, I’m not special or brilliant I’m just as depraved and ugly as anything how depressing.

If there is a beauty in me I’m not ready to accept it. All I know is I just am. And maybe I’m beautiful and maybe it’s what I make and what I put my effort in which defines me.

One things for sure, no more TV.

some people have to somehow be on top