Broken razors, empty gastank

Waiting, fixating on this lazy situation, fixating on this over large stomach grumble I can’t cook jack and this patched face with bits of hair sticking out front and back with smoothness all about. Still in love with out a doubt, got a cut on my finger still alive with out a doubt. I’m Not clean enough and I have no hot water to lament upon. Just live cold love and a solid brick of soap, it’s okay being alive though, that’s how you know you’re alive. Appreciate being alive and allocate those moments when you feel like you should die to appreciate being alive.

Broken machine, spark fizzed out. Maybe the filters clogged maybe the power is bogged maybe my clothes were just too damn dirty to be cleaned and the washing machine just gave up. It just didn’t have the tenacity and the appreciation. Of being appreciated by being tenacious. It just gave. It didn’t relish it’s glory as my little saviour what made my nights by myself longer. What made my arms not sorer. What made my clothes not whiter but at least clean. I loved it, but it didn’t love itself, it was a victim. Used just used with no other purpose then to be used


Caterwauling, cat’s calling and I’m calling you. Calling you to ask you, like a cat! Cats don’t want to talk though, and I’m no cat for sure and for sure I can tell you why, and it’s because I want to know you. Just more and more honey, pour and pour sweet honey all of it! All! Of it out! All of the if’s and’s or but’s. What if? what and? what buts? What or what if? let’s jump on the bus and stand till it all comes pouring shooting out, grossing out every other member of this mobile community. Disgusting! Ughhhh! Let’s say something let’s begin with the if’s follow with the and’s and finish with the buts because I’m with it like sea on sand and finished with the suds. Dig it, in this frenzy. Dig it.


Happiness, lacking this, whacking bits and pieces, tackling each bits and each pieces, fleeting moment while I’m at piece and bits are flying off the deep end.
which end lighter then? Lighter then mightier then, the strongest Picasso, abstract regardo? With my regards I give you my hearto, jump starto. I die my heart stops and my headache brings me back, all the way back, back ‘er up into the now. Into life. Jumpstarts me all the way back into life. Thank god for my headache you damn headache you couldn’t let me rest or die or fly or just be me or be sublime or just be free or be awry for once in my damn life be a solid brother and make me a solid brother I don’t need friends. I don’t need it all I don’t need life and what it makes it or what it breaks it or what it fakes and lacks in, all the water missing in the lake because it lacks in, purity, animosity and upmost intenseness so pure and strong. It’s missing it all, all of the vital everything, you know what I mean brother? You doin’ me a solid brother?
Come on mate jump straight in this lake with me and every one else and we’ll yell and squeal but it won’t be real it’ll be fake because this lake isn’t full. It’s not even enjoyable it’s fake and dying and dying and dying and dying and dead and dying and dead and dead and dying.

poem <-Dark

My stomach rumbles
Hungry like a lion in the jungle
Drip drooling outta my lips fooling all the young schooling kids and hooligans.
Darker then teeth clenched in a trench drenched in blood.
guts, gunpowder, tears and mud.
heart sinking outta chest, thinking outta my brain less coke, less hope,
smoke from guns, just shot, screaming I’m just young stop.
chop my arms off and leave my soul to die.
chop my legs off so I can’t run away, awry

the 1954 flood level

I can make the most of this day
I can I will I might
Bit I could just drag my feet
Then suddenly it’s night.
Let’s change the world


The worlds changed enough and it knows how to change itself any way.
It can it will it might.


Lets change ourselves
then suddenly we bite
like fish to tackle or dogs to toys


Then suddenly we forget.
Then suddenly we are disillusioned
Then suddenly we are awake
Then suddenly we are frightened
Then suddenly we forget
Then suddenly we are enlightened
Then suddenly we forget


Getting paid to write isn’t that grand.
More like Writing at work cash in hand.
Doing a lot but never a little
Fiddle diddle diddle fizzle
Work to long to hard and sizzle out.
Far out, long, far out, there sizzle out.
Chilling hard all day whats work but to get paid,
Keep your brews cool
old school beats pumping old school new school wish I didn’t go to school.
Foolies, coolies, toolies hit that high hat like you’re getting high school street fat street wall street fat cat.

jumping off the table

I drop the cat
I pick up my oath
I’m no oaf
I drop my oath
And pick it back up

There is something in my cup.
Living life so peaceful for today
The third cigaretter, Smoking life away.
Dripping with addiction fear, apprehension, love, distrust, mistrust and trustfulness.

I’m full. fuller then a cup, a bottle, life, life is full, fuller then anything
Life is everything. observe you fool, I’m a fool, I’m full.


Sharp Sounds, intense heat and they repeat.
Bang! uhhh Bang! uhhh..
Love is endless but so is boredom.
Foul endless love. Following want and desire Following Jealousy Following Nothing, Boredom.
A flat tyre End this boredom an empty tank endless boredom a busted rim and this boredom.
I don’t.
Drag the mouse like your thumb like a trap, like a ding!
Excellent drinking.
the rambles & rambles & rambles & rambles,
Slam damn, can it all. Sam no care no care self centered canter like it all like a drunk poisoned lame dumb blind beat up horse.
Hoarse to yell to hoarse to yell.
Sell me tears, sell me sadness you fool because it’s over.
Now are you going to forget it or carry it on with you.


Curves searching for curves instead of doing my homework.

failing easily and gracefully rather be at home or work

should I have my uniform on?

should I stand up tall

For what some old guy too have a ball? You turned out alright ay laddie! He chuckles and tells some kid who gave slightly less of a care then I did that he’s a disgrace and to get the hell out.

I miss school when it was 2+2 and all you wanted was your first kiss. What a laugh imagine if I decided to  give this joke of a waste of my time a miss.

I’d probably have to get ready for a metaphorical crucification of some sorts