Sharp Sounds, intense heat and they repeat.
Bang! uhhh Bang! uhhh..
Love is endless but so is boredom.
Foul endless love. Following want and desire Following Jealousy Following Nothing, Boredom.
A flat tyre End this boredom an empty tank endless boredom a busted rim and this boredom.
I don’t.
Drag the mouse like your thumb like a trap, like a ding!
Excellent drinking.
the rambles & rambles & rambles & rambles,
Slam damn, can it all. Sam no care no care self centered canter like it all like a drunk poisoned lame dumb blind beat up horse.
Hoarse to yell to hoarse to yell.
Sell me tears, sell me sadness you fool because it’s over.
Now are you going to forget it or carry it on with you.

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