Happiness, lacking this, whacking bits and pieces, tackling each bits and each pieces, fleeting moment while I’m at piece and bits are flying off the deep end.
which end lighter then? Lighter then mightier then, the strongest Picasso, abstract regardo? With my regards I give you my hearto, jump starto. I die my heart stops and my headache brings me back, all the way back, back ‘er up into the now. Into life. Jumpstarts me all the way back into life. Thank god for my headache you damn headache you couldn’t let me rest or die or fly or just be me or be sublime or just be free or be awry for once in my damn life be a solid brother and make me a solid brother I don’t need friends. I don’t need it all I don’t need life and what it makes it or what it breaks it or what it fakes and lacks in, all the water missing in the lake because it lacks in, purity, animosity and upmost intenseness so pure and strong. It’s missing it all, all of the vital everything, you know what I mean brother? You doin’ me a solid brother?
Come on mate jump straight in this lake with me and every one else and we’ll yell and squeal but it won’t be real it’ll be fake because this lake isn’t full. It’s not even enjoyable it’s fake and dying and dying and dying and dying and dead and dying and dead and dead and dying.

5 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I like the way this moves – both meanings, flow and feeling. You got it especially with makes it breaks it fakes it. Thanks for visiting my poetry of moods and moments, it got me over here reading yours. Elspeth

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