Caterwauling, cat’s calling and I’m calling you. Calling you to ask you, like a cat! Cats don’t want to talk though, and I’m no cat for sure and for sure I can tell you why, and it’s because I want to know you. Just more and more honey, pour and pour sweet honey all of it! All! Of it out! All of the if’s and’s or but’s. What if? what and? what buts? What or what if? let’s jump on the bus and stand till it all comes pouring shooting out, grossing out every other member of this mobile community. Disgusting! Ughhhh! Let’s say something let’s begin with the if’s follow with the and’s and finish with the buts because I’m with it like sea on sand and finished with the suds. Dig it, in this frenzy. Dig it.

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