Every Second Counts

Every second counts
Mike wakes up and doesn’t give himself a second.
Brews a coffee and has a shower.
He walks around the house drying himself off and picking his clothes for the day.
He pushes the plunger down whilst taking only that moment to smell the coffee.
Before tainting it with cold water and downing it like a glass of water after a long day in the hot sun.
Every second counts.

And you all know that he’s not going to properly say goodbye to his house.
Empty cups except for their coffee stains, water on the floor and an overflowing bin.
A last minute sort of a guy.
Deadlines are his best friends because he spends most of his time thinking about them.
Every second counts.

Another moment where he can’t be bothered to take an extra second is when he reverses out of the driveway.
Not bothering with the three point turn ritual.
He likes the challenge anyway, or so he says.
He plays comedy on the way to work because he can’t be bothered to listen to it at home.
Surfing the web is the most important thing any member of society can do.
Hang ten bro.
Every second counts.

Thinking about a joke he enters work with a smile, he thinks people are happy to see him.
He doesn’t dare think otherwise because that’s a slippery slope and he’s probably been there.
He’s not entirely aware because he’s not entirely aware of his own thoughts and his own feelings.
They are just there and they will spring up out of that glazE mindset with sludge soaked hands.
Before he even had his cup of tea.
Every second counts.

He licked his girlfriends nipple this morning in some sort of game.
That was fun.
It was a fun lick.
Something about it made him realise how much he really did love her.
Every second counts.

Deftly appreciating life as even the sour, dull moments will harbour importance if he lets them anchor.

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