Why the left should compromise with a UBI

How the Left can Compromise with a Universal Income.
Left wing politics has some some swell ideas about equality, but some are determined to shut down the idea of a universal basic income (UBI) on the terms that capitalism or crony capitalism could corrupt it.

This is jaded.

It’s not wrong in its fears but it is “jaded”.

The real scare here is if the right wing manages to take away all  the social benefits and services to pave way for the UBI. This is nasty, our social system would collapse under itself and debt would skyrocket.

We aren’t on our way to a magical land of a classless and stateless society, with a stagnating wage growth, higher power bills, high student fees and capitalism just running absolutely rampant it is only getting worse.

Let me get this straight, a UBI is a redistribution of wealth. It will be a sore point for many when we realize there will still be a class system. That is the way the world works, if you earn more then you are going to have more money to spend. The government isn’t going to take away earning rights.

The UBI is a good thing for the left and the right, why wouldn’t affluent businesses and land barons want their customers and serfs to have money to buy their goods and pay the rent.

If everyone can afford to pay for their food, water and shelter then everyone has the opportunity to move past class. Isn’t this what the left wants?

The idea of free money for everyone works; for everyone.

A UBI means we can literally skip the first two steps of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. Meaning societycan move on to bigger and better things.

Martin Luther King said “The solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure; The guaranteed income”

The fact is that we have people living on the streets and a UBI would give people the incentive and means to be more and live better.

Some people don’t help others because they are busy trying to provide for themselves, some people have to hold two full time jobs just to survive and some people literally can’t work. These people need a UBI.

Erik Olen Wright, a prominent sociologist and advocate for a UBI explained in an interview for KPFA that a basic income will help socially productive work such as caregivers, music and the arts thrive.

A single mother needs a basic income, A student needs a basic income and just imagine a world without the starving artist.

Many believe a UBI could cause inflation, but inflation only occurs when new money is printed or when the amount of currency is actually greater then the amounts purchasable in the economy.

So in short, A UBI won’t cause inflation.

In 2003, the Mexican government rolled out a food aid program and gave some villages the market value of food in a month in cash. The economists looking at these villages saw only a miniscule rise in the cost of food prices by 0.2%, not a statistically paramount change but the economists can’t say the cash wasn’t the cause.

Like I stated before a UBI is a redistribution of wealth. The very thing the left campaigns for.

Right now the waters are unclear and there are social tests going on all around the world, Australia just has to wait and see how successful these tests really are before implementing something like this.

Some of the hard left is against this because they really believe that we should slay the bourgeoisie and redistribute the wealth to the masses like some hardcore Robin Hood.

They are harmless though, what we should be scared of is the fact that an unconditional income might increase the number of bad poets in society

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