We are no more less than

We’re more than a no more bigger than.

If you understand, I could face my views due East towards the sunset.

But it will probably circle right back onto myself, like a dog chewing its tail.

Or a goldfish trapped in a bowl

Or a regular human being working day to day in some shitty dead end job whilst they believe if they probably just had a little more backbone, or motivation, or style they might succeed.

Succeed how? Like get a promotion now? Get a better job now? Go to school right now! Now!

This is boring, but probably correct.

Corrects usually boring, if not satisfying it’s usually boring.

Bad guys finish first because they aren’t correct right?

Why do we know who Capone is? But not the guy that took him down? You know who he was? Some tax man with a penchant for numbers, beautiful.

We care about Capone, not a tax guy and that’s final.

Wrong is right and correct is boring.

So slink around and do something dirty, wash your hands and feel it slide off.

You know what I’m talking about…

That grime, that sludge, that grim grimy grime and that sludgy sludge all over your hopeless hands and there you are, the bad guy, the sinner simply washing off all that muck.

I’m good, honest.

I have read all day.

I have cooked a nice breakfast.

I have paid my bills.

You think of the rapid world, that’s nowhere near me.

I can barely hear a motor, it’s peaceful here, see.

My dog is nice company, I don’t think I will ever be alone again.

I am surrounded by love each day I don’t think I will reach for a stone again.

There are flies buzzing outside, but thats probably my dogs bones.

Credit recieved where credit is due.

I wish they would leave me alone but I suppose they are hear for a reason, maybe to buzz into an ice cube, who knows.

I am rapidly content, feeling up the world at my own pace, I hope I get to go all the way. I hope we get to go all the way, together.

Thanks for reading


Sun poetry fun prose.jpg

the sun is beating down on my chest.

Better than fists.

it’s burning my face

Better than shame

Cowing me into a corner, I can hardly move

Suffocation from heat, it’s all the same.

Roaring up there a million miles away, were you always this angry? Are we destined to feel your scorn and be thankful for your life.

Like a mad father who provides all. Angry and bitter forever at the subservience he has drafted himself into.

Am I grateful? thankful? I thank you Life Giver!

Without you there would be no melting, no water cycle, cycling why’s like the way you rise.

The sun is beating down on my chest.

Big Banks to Compensate for their Shady Mistakes

After three weeks of tribunal hearings, the royal commission into banking has outlined corruption and misconduct throughout all the major banks of Australia.

The Commonwealth Bank has been encouraging mortgage brokers to oversell their loans, raise credit limits of gambling addicts and was even charging the deceased on their overdrawn accounts.

NAB has been found doing dodgy deals with gym owners for home loans.

The ANZ wasn’t even verifying living expenditures when processing loans, this is in direct violation of the National Consumer Credit Act

The thing is, with each disgrace coming forward, we as Australians are learning more about how we are not only funding these wrong-doings but we are also the victims.

Compensation has been made but how far should these banks go?

Labor is pressuring the government into establishing a compensation scheme for the victims of these banking giants.
According to The Guardian, Bill Shorten wrote “it is unacceptable for people to suffer because of the misconduct of others” he also suggested that, if the Commission needed more time and resources, Labor will call on the government to give it to them.

It is important to realise that the Royal Commission can’t force the banks into paying a single dime in compensation.

Shorten is determined to set up a low-cost tribunal to help Australians get what’s theirs.

we are happy to wait for justice as long as it’s served with a side of compensation.


Brand new idea

is it a brand new idea?

I see myself in the mirror, branded with a subjective journey. Is it worth anything?

I can see myself in the jaded eyes of every human I meet, is this worth anything?

Awake, for real this time, I love starting a story off with a brand new day. Get with it and he’s brushing his teeth, ready for it all! Not excited but he’s ready, ready for action… and that’s exciting.

Get with it, he’s jumping up and down on his metaphorical bed, breaking those metaphorical springs. He’s doing this because he sleeps there. He’s not fun, he’s just having fun… and that’s fun.

Rushing through, a big golden smile, gold in the sense of richness and prosperity, not the colour of his teeth! You think the worse of him, don’t you! He’s not rich, he’s just rich in his mind… and that’s rich.

He’s got zilch, praying that it all works out and he’s excited about it.

If he gets excited enough for his fun to turn into riches. Yeah!

Bad Day

Sullen morning, empty nights.
I’m ripping my brain out of my skull.
Good morning dying urges.
You know, the ones that tell you to fight.

Splinters deepening their tendrils into my hands.
Flies giving me a chance to surrender.
always reminding me of what I have to lose.
You know, the only asset is a plan.

Morose all over.
Aching shoulders, hanging from my neck.
Is this really what we should be scared of.
You know, we can’t be this sombre.

What do the Greens mean to you?

The Australian Greens are going through a tad bit of disunity, but does this really change who their constituents are voting for? Does it mean they will forget their roots and forget regular Australians?

The answer is no, the issues within the Greens will not affect their policies drastically. Voters need to be assured that the Greens will always stand up for what is right.

For example, I just received an email from Richard Di Natale this morning about their “dope plan” and the JUST LEGALISE IT campaign; they want to make marijuana legal for adult use.

In the early days Bob Brown campaigned for the natural beauty of Tasmania, this captured people’s hearts, this is what gained momentum for the Greens.

With Di Natale shredding his own party members and blaming sniping and bullying as the reasons for the loss of the Batman Electorate. This is self-sabotage; the Greens are only powerful when unified.

Richard as a leader should know this and I hope he is working on these issues within his party. The Greens have a tagline of “doing politics differently” but it seems like they have started doing politics the same.

Speaking of the same, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) under the Whitlam government was seen as the stomping ground for the beginning of left-wing politics in Australia because Whitlam realised then, they needed more than workers’ rights to win elections.

The Greens will always be competing with the ALP and the fringe parliamentary groups for votes because people who vote for the coalition are much too ‘sensible’.

The Greens lost to Labor in Batman because Labor campaigned brilliantly in Batman, and despite the backlash from the media, public and the right wing; Bill Shorten and his rhetoric on Adani came out on top.

Is a slight loss to Labor in a marginal seat like Batman something for the Greens to fret over? Probably not, there is always next time and be assured there are many more inner-city seats to contest for.

This is not said lightly; the greens are a Grassroot party and they need to focus on these small marginal seats and put their limited resources to good use.

Throughout the Batman campaign, the Greens focused entirely on the environment and asylum seekers.

Then, surprisingly, Di Natale tried to appeal to conservative voters on the eve of the batman election. This is enough to baffle many Green voters and it possibly lost them the electorate.

They need to be worried about principle because a two-trick pony with no principle isn’t very fun to vote for.

The Greens are one of the only credible representatives of the left in Australia, that is their voting base and that is where they should have been targeting in their campaign.

The leader of the Greens changed his tone to serve a more capitalist agenda; so, by in large, moving away from the left only served to disillusion his loyal supporters.
You can almost imagine a huge mural of Di Natale, one side he is holding a bunch of share slips and the other a couple of anti-mining pamphlets.

With the amount of support the Greens currently hold, I would be surprised if they continue to try and play both sides. Labor can barely pull it off and we all know how popular they are.

Perhaps this was just a strategical move from Di Natale to see if he could gain votes from the right by subtly changing his rhetoric.

It didn’t work. Their voting base is the same as always with the added bonus of youth voters.

Past Life

As Mikey walks through his past life he stumbles across the old two-story dive bar he used to work at. 20 dollars an hour to deep fry prawns in the back and drink cocktails with customers.
What a job.

He begins to walk upstairs and accidentally catches the eye of a beautiful woman sitting with four self-important fellows; he winks and finishes his graceful climb up the carpeted stairs.

Feeling glares penetrate the back of his neck, “believe it Mikey, they noticed that.”

Mikey begins walking towards the toilet, no one he knows works here anymore and he is worried. Other than the staff nothing has changed, but he is still worried. The vibes pretty important and Mikey supposes the vibe has changed.

Because those round tables with those plush benches encasing them so elegantly that it makes you wonder are still there, and those portraits of stern faced rock gods dressed in old ladies’ frocks looking down at the customers are still there, and the customers, still enjoying the fried prawns and 10-dollar cocktails with a small serving of drag Bowie watching them with his piercing alternative eyes are still there.

But the Bartender wasn’t smiling and this whole place was off, stinking further of rotten dreams and acrid break ups.

Mikey finally walks into the surprisingly clean bathroom (It was never clean when he worked there). The bathroom had a urinal on the left and a cubicle on the right with the wash basin beside the door.

Approaching the urinal, he unzips his jeans and hears “Where’s that cool guy?”

The door flings open and one of those guys from the table with the girl is there with a cold glint in his eyes and the old meat knife from the kitchen.

Mikey, unsure, with his extra appendage still out, jumps into the cubicle and tries to lock it.

The lock won’t budge.

This was distressing to Mikey, even though he knew that if this guy was determined, a lock was pretty much useless.

Wanting to speak but clearly afraid he waits for his own inner-moment of shock to abate, but it doesn’t.

This man was hacking at the cubicle door with his kitchen machete and thankfully, for just one second it got caught, the blade was stuck.

Mikey took the initiative and slams into the door, knocking the knife out of the man’s hand and shoving him against the wall, Mikey takes a swing but the man dodges and runs out of the bathroom and back downstairs.

Mikey, with that stupid adrenaline that he sometimes gets after a fight decides to follow him out the building.

He begins running down the street, passing a two-dollar shop and a tough sort of mother with a young child in a pram.

Sick of being chased by some young punk who made a ‘pass at his girl’ the man pulls out a handgun and begins emptying his gun. In his exhaustion he missed everybody.

The mother, outraged, tackles the man into the busy street where they are both hit by an oncoming car.

Mikey, distraught and confused walked into the two-dollar shop and asked to use their phone to call the police.

That was Mikey’s past life.

Not Worth Nothing

“I’m enjoying myself,” said the young man in his mind. Flying to the limits of his own atmosphere he reaches for the sky in his imagination. The party is around him and he is so in conversation with a group of people who actually get him.

People usually get him to some degree, but these people actually get him; to the point of having a wild conversation with so much depth that you’d be struggling to swim out of.
“I’m enjoying myself!”

He only said that because he was surprised, he was surprised and he knows that it usually isn’t so.

He can go to a party but what’s there really for him?

A couple of beers or a lot of beers, maybe a puff or two and then what? A couple of Deep and meaningful’s that have all been said or thought of before, great.

But he’s not dwelling on that, he can say what he needs to say here and he lets it out.

“I’m not sure about that, but what do you think about this?” And so on, to the point that even his brilliant conversation has lost meaning and he has whirlwinded out into an uneven playing field which will never give him the rule book or let him know even one rule.

“Play to find out” or “we’ll just play, you’ll catch on”

… fun.

So, he spirals to the same old conversations that show he has no real rapport with any of his friends and begins partying harder than usual, people are surprised as well now. You start to see their admiration, it’s showing in their eyes and growing in their speech.

The party looks like one of those American house parties that you see on bogus sit coms in their bogus houses with their bogus red cups. He’s not having a dig but it all looks fake.

He’s lost control now and is outside on the porch giving a hello to the garden with the contents of his stomach.


He stumbles back in and finds himself in a bed, not keeping it together at all.

A girl he pronounced his love to earlier came in to check if he was alright or maybe for a cuddle but he has no conscious.

That was the end of a night that was probably not worth nothing in the end.


99 homes, an ode to that crazy movie.

Wow! Yeah! We’re all just monkeys jumping and looning around the place.

Worry and that’s not all! Forget about it and you love it even more.

Forget about it, and you will crave it for later!

Lunacy like a merry go round, I wonder if you’re ever gonna get a just a little bitta rest!

Maybe five hours, what about them those sleep headaches, and all those them lovely little moments where you can’t help but smile.

Fly through it, those sorta days, and Eureka you’re not a virgin anymore. You know all the best moves in town and you can grind and groove your way to the top baby! Yeah!

Mindless, spineless, crimeless lunacy and that’s just a day in the thoughts of your life, better believe it buster.

3625819_15_iWhat’s that? A sweet little lonely moment, I love those little lonely moments where you loaf and do whatever you feel like.

I feel those lonely moments up and groove those best moves in town, grinding my way through those leisurely lonely moments.

And this ain’t even a serious bit of prose!?

To be surely serious, I heard a great quote today, I will remember it as well as I can from the top of my head.

The man who wrote it, I’m not sure if the writer that wrote the script was on a roll and nailed the most beautiful piece of words or it was outright plagiarism.

I, I’m not sure because I feel like I’ve heard it before, and this is off the top of my head, so I know it’s not right.

“I know, the sun is shining!”

Did a great king or queen say it? A couple of Princies got together to write a great speech!

“I know, the sun is shining and if you were to say it was night, I would still know that it was day, because the sun is shining!”

Maybe from the bible? It seems anti-god almost, but it does admit there is a god.

“I know, the sun is shining and if you were to say it was night, I would still know that it was day, because the sun is shining! Even if god were to come down from the heavens and say “It was night” I would know it was day!”

Someone good anyway, sounds like a middle eastern proverb or it’s Confucian or even Greek, was it Aristotle, nahhhhh.

Proverbs are reusable. And I’m sure there’s more to it than that.