99 homes, an ode to that crazy movie.

Wow! Yeah! We’re all just monkeys jumping and looning around the place.

Worry and that’s not all! Forget about it and you love it even more.

Forget about it, and you will crave it for later!

Lunacy like a merry go round, I wonder if you’re ever gonna get a just a little bitta rest!

Maybe five hours, what about them those sleep headaches, and all those them lovely little moments where you can’t help but smile.

Fly through it, those sorta days, and Eureka you’re not a virgin anymore. You know all the best moves in town and you can grind and groove your way to the top baby! Yeah!

Mindless, spineless, crimeless lunacy and that’s just a day in the thoughts of your life, better believe it buster.

3625819_15_iWhat’s that? A sweet little lonely moment, I love those little lonely moments where you loaf and do whatever you feel like.

I feel those lonely moments up and groove those best moves in town, grinding my way through those leisurely lonely moments.

And this ain’t even a serious bit of prose!?

To be surely serious, I heard a great quote today, I will remember it as well as I can from the top of my head.

The man who wrote it, I’m not sure if the writer that wrote the script was on a roll and nailed the most beautiful piece of words or it was outright plagiarism.

I, I’m not sure because I feel like I’ve heard it before, and this is off the top of my head, so I know it’s not right.

“I know, the sun is shining!”

Did a great king or queen say it? A couple of Princies got together to write a great speech!

“I know, the sun is shining and if you were to say it was night, I would still know that it was day, because the sun is shining!”

Maybe from the bible? It seems anti-god almost, but it does admit there is a god.

“I know, the sun is shining and if you were to say it was night, I would still know that it was day, because the sun is shining! Even if god were to come down from the heavens and say “It was night” I would know it was day!”

Someone good anyway, sounds like a middle eastern proverb or it’s Confucian or even Greek, was it Aristotle, nahhhhh.

Proverbs are reusable. And I’m sure there’s more to it than that.


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