Brand new idea

is it a brand new idea?

I see myself in the mirror, branded with a subjective journey. Is it worth anything?

I can see myself in the jaded eyes of every human I meet, is this worth anything?

Awake, for real this time, I love starting a story off with a brand new day. Get with it and he’s brushing his teeth, ready for it all! Not excited but he’s ready, ready for action… and that’s exciting.

Get with it, he’s jumping up and down on his metaphorical bed, breaking those metaphorical springs. He’s doing this because he sleeps there. He’s not fun, he’s just having fun… and that’s fun.

Rushing through, a big golden smile, gold in the sense of richness and prosperity, not the colour of his teeth! You think the worse of him, don’t you! He’s not rich, he’s just rich in his mind… and that’s rich.

He’s got zilch, praying that it all works out and he’s excited about it.

If he gets excited enough for his fun to turn into riches. Yeah!

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