It’s time for the Church to pay for its sins.

Cardinal Pell needs to be stripped of his rank and put in prison.

Even if he didn’t do anything, he needs to face the law. Because the Catholic church needs to apologise for all their wrong doings throughout history.

The church needs to know it can’t get away with atrocious deeds anymore because there is no place in our modern world for a cruel god or a cruel gods’ hand. The Catholic Church needs to do more than change their culture to address this widespread issue.

I mean, Pope Francis did set up a key panel called the ‘Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors’ which tried to implement change. Pope Francis even appointed two members who survived sexual abuse from the church but they couldn’t handle the fact that the commission wasn’t really making an effort and soon quit.

This is outrageous. The church hired two former victims, put them on a panel of people who have likely committed abuse as well and then totally ignored them. This is speculation, but I am mad.

It is fitting that a fledgling convict colony is bringing the mightiest religious outfit in the world to its knees and we need to go further. Not just for the children, but for the countless souls lost in the name of God and Catholicism.

From the Holy Inquisition where the Catholic church burned and tortured Europe for close to six centuries to the Crusades in a series of attempt to make war on a different people all in the name of reclaiming a holy land that they were free to pilgrimage to.

The point I’m making is that, like many institutions, The Catholic Church is built on a foundation of violence, torture and the overall degradation of mankind.

We can’t let the church take advantage of us and our children any longer.

I hope Cardinal Pell goes down even if he is not guilty, I am saying this out of spite and with conviction. The church needs to repent for its sins.



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