Movin’ to Washington State

I love the term big wigs, it’s overused.

Movin’ to Washington State, got an idea to sell about an automatic gate.

It works with your automatic car in that you don’t need to get out and it automatically opens.

Ain’t that the future livin’ in the now.

And my automatic gate doesn’t just do that no.

It automatically lets em in.

You know who I’m talkin’ about right?

Let’s em all in dressed in the peoples gaze of envy, their shroud of distrust like an aura enveloping all that is their greed.

And my automatic gate sold genuine to Washington State will open, unashamed, to everbody with a dollar, or an automatic car, or the button.

The button that you get when you’re trusted, not likely, take a hike, me.

I’ll take my automatic gate back to my home country, my hometown because maybe we need easier opening gates around our beautiful rural areas.

Not likely, take a hike, me.

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