big times lie ahead.
Artist: Joshua Cowley

You can feel it, right down deep in your stomach.

You’re embracing that tightness as we speak.

The jungle is creeping behind you, flicking your ears.

Don’t second guess it, crunch it like bones.

Crunch it underfoot and walk past, because big times lie ahead.

You can feel it, that vibration sensualising itself.

You’re building up to something great, like an orgasm that folds onto itself eternally.

The ocean is crashing beside you, jabbing your ribs.

Don’t second guess it, it’s style like courage.

Embrace this type of style. And slosh it around with your hands.

You can feel it slipping through your fingers as if it is not solid anymore.

You’re letting it slam the porcelain floor, cracking it open for all to see.

You look down and see a mirror, it resembles your face.

You look past your face and see the ceiling falling ‘neath your feet.

It’s blue and yellow and white and black.

Big times lie ahead.

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