Worried about Lizards

A mostly unknown original electro keys player with a feel for the room performs a dope soundtrack style gig with a subtle finish.

I moseyed on down to The Moon, Late Night Café in Northbridge to check out some new music.

A guy who calls himself Worried About Lizards sounds cool enough for me. It turns out his real names Jack.

We were early and the place was trendy (motorcycle on the wall trendy). So, we ordered some food.

My nachos were fine, but my girlfriends’ salad was really good.

I missed the very beginning of Worried About Lizards because I was paying for my meal and trying to choose a beer out of the Moons large selection.

What I did catch of the opening song made me feel like I was in a tripped-out Stanley Kubrick soundtrack.

He performed with an electric intensive mindset on par with his music.

Jack outlined his setup for me “I use a Roland Juno 60 which is an old synth from the 80s, I run that through a delay pedal and play that over samples”. His gear wasn’t up to date with all the shiny knobs and flashy buttons but he managed to pull off a pretty smooth show, especially for a single composer/producer.

The set in its entirety somehow reminded me of Arizona Dream, a classic with Johnny Depp. You have to watch it to get the feel of what I mean because I’m not sure why I felt that way.

Perhaps the 80’s electro feels, or the subtle nuances throughout, that made you think of elsewhere. Maybe it was just the emotion poured through the technology.

Maybe it was just his face, the guy looks like Johnny Depp I swear.

You would think this set was suited for drugs but I’m sure, if you were on it, you would not be in the building for very long.

He introduced Drops and build-ups that were smooth and layered. This set wasn’t intense for the fact that it was fast and, in your face, but that it had so many interfering sounds that worked together almost elegantly.

Jack told me after his gig, that he wrote all his music and samples. This was obvious though, because it had that original feel, like a person making beats purely for themselves and playing for the sake of it.

Whilst keeping in touch with his originality, the way his set was laid out showed a deep desire to connect with his audience, purely through his music (this guy wasn’t a talker).

Towards the end, he subtly dropped out of a fast pace synth movement into an ambient sound with voice samples all over an off-kilter beat at around 58bpm.

Making the listening experience pleasurable for everybody around and slowing down the energy almost incredibly.

Finishing with this slow beat song compared to the usual crescendo is a desirable change to the electro scene. That, with a nice coffee and some decent table service, topped off my night and I went home.

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