Beep = F*@k & bop = S*&T

A loss is a loss, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
You can pull the thread, let it rip apart your clothing.
Keep searching for an end but hope to finish dozing.
You can cut the thread, before it tears apart the seam.
because it doesn’t matter how it looks.
You’d rather win than lose, because to lose means loss.
It means you’ve forgotten something, or given into a miserable life.
Given into a life of desperation, dependence and commiseration.

Beep Bop, what damn flop. Give it up, give it down. Don’t give it a lot.
While I sedate the last known ventricles of a dying spider.
Lift yourself up so you don’t let your feet sink in the desperate quagmire.
I’m not here for that or you or diffidence or indifference.
I’m here for it all, accept this belligerence.

Beg me to fall apart, because I will do it in the end.
If you let me I will falter gladly

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