Teeth aching,
mind rotting
Mind aching,
teeth rotting.

stop, drop. Stop drop, drip. Stop, drop and roll. Maybe stop, stiff, top stuff, stop the top stuff you stiff and drop and roll. Get real and hop and lull. Pop my top off.

Another song for mother.

Into the sky, believe it.
Just tell me about your life.
And how I’m apart of it.
I couldn’t ask for more.
my world, like a saviour.
Like a wonderful lady in disguise of god.
Beautiful hearts surround you.
beating for a taste of your everlasting love.
Life-giver, wondrous, fantastic.
Just my heart, Trust my heart, I’m not here, but we’re not far apart.
I remember the hugs, I remember it all.
I love you.

Beep = F*@k & bop = S*&T

A loss is a loss, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
You can pull the thread, let it rip apart your clothing.
Keep searching for an end but hope to finish dozing.
You can cut the thread, before it tears apart the seam.
because it doesn’t matter how it looks.
You’d rather win than lose, because to lose means loss.
It means you’ve forgotten something, or given into a miserable life.
Given into a life of desperation, dependence and commiseration.

Beep Bop, what damn flop. Give it up, give it down. Don’t give it a lot.
While I sedate the last known ventricles of a dying spider.
Lift yourself up so you don’t let your feet sink in the desperate quagmire.
I’m not here for that or you or diffidence or indifference.
I’m here for it all, accept this belligerence.

Beg me to fall apart, because I will do it in the end.
If you let me I will falter gladly

Worried about Lizards

A mostly unknown original electro keys player with a feel for the room performs a dope soundtrack style gig with a subtle finish.

I moseyed on down to The Moon, Late Night Café in Northbridge to check out some new music.

A guy who calls himself Worried About Lizards sounds cool enough for me. It turns out his real names Jack.

We were early and the place was trendy (motorcycle on the wall trendy). So, we ordered some food.

My nachos were fine, but my girlfriends’ salad was really good.

I missed the very beginning of Worried About Lizards because I was paying for my meal and trying to choose a beer out of the Moons large selection.

What I did catch of the opening song made me feel like I was in a tripped-out Stanley Kubrick soundtrack.

He performed with an electric intensive mindset on par with his music.

Jack outlined his setup for me “I use a Roland Juno 60 which is an old synth from the 80s, I run that through a delay pedal and play that over samples”. His gear wasn’t up to date with all the shiny knobs and flashy buttons but he managed to pull off a pretty smooth show, especially for a single composer/producer.

The set in its entirety somehow reminded me of Arizona Dream, a classic with Johnny Depp. You have to watch it to get the feel of what I mean because I’m not sure why I felt that way.

Perhaps the 80’s electro feels, or the subtle nuances throughout, that made you think of elsewhere. Maybe it was just the emotion poured through the technology.

Maybe it was just his face, the guy looks like Johnny Depp I swear.

You would think this set was suited for drugs but I’m sure, if you were on it, you would not be in the building for very long.

He introduced Drops and build-ups that were smooth and layered. This set wasn’t intense for the fact that it was fast and, in your face, but that it had so many interfering sounds that worked together almost elegantly.

Jack told me after his gig, that he wrote all his music and samples. This was obvious though, because it had that original feel, like a person making beats purely for themselves and playing for the sake of it.

Whilst keeping in touch with his originality, the way his set was laid out showed a deep desire to connect with his audience, purely through his music (this guy wasn’t a talker).

Towards the end, he subtly dropped out of a fast pace synth movement into an ambient sound with voice samples all over an off-kilter beat at around 58bpm.

Making the listening experience pleasurable for everybody around and slowing down the energy almost incredibly.

Finishing with this slow beat song compared to the usual crescendo is a desirable change to the electro scene. That, with a nice coffee and some decent table service, topped off my night and I went home.


A whine is heard in my distance.

The distance that surrounds me, involving me, without me there is no distance surrounding.

A terror has struck my street.

It’s burning and tearing and crushing and feeling, without feeling there can be no terror.

Grit your teeth and feel your heart jump.

Feel your legs shake and your arms put on weight.

Slam your head and take a deep breath.

You will be alright, just decide the way your life will surround you.

Decide your fate.

A little love poem

When you held my hand for the first time…your beauty and innocence reckoned with me.

It showed me the joy and devotion in your heart. An everlasting joy, the be all and end all. You be all of beauty. You be all of dedication. You be all of the wondrousness of you!

No sadness shall end me as I gaze into your meaning and devour any morsel you possess and wish to give me.

Easy for you to say.

“I got some great ideas” said the man to the mirror
The mirror didn’t speak back.
The mirror didn’t peep
The mirror didn’t gratify the words an inch
“You are me, can’t you support us” said the man to the mirror.
The mirror didn’t twitch
It didn’t give the man the time of day.
“If you are just going to ignore me, what’s the point of using you?”
Said the man to the mirror.
The mirror shivered and shouted.
“That’s just it, you use me!” emotionally distraught the mirror dug its heels in, “You come in here day after day, to groom and feel yourself up in front of me”.
The man was shocked.
He couldn’t say a word.
The mirror continued “Where’s my love, for me? I don’t think I’ve ever been cleaned or washed or kissed”
“It’s easier looking at yourself through grime and dust and dirt” said the man.
“Easy for you to say” said the mirror “that’s my life, reflecting onto grime, dust and dirt”
“I don’t want to see me clean” said the man
“would you like that?” the mirror was off on a tangent “always looking through muddy glasses?”
“I suppose not” said the man.
Convinced, he grabbed the Windex and sprayed and wiped with love and said: “So do you want to hear my great ideas now?”
The mirror responded positively.
But the man, was lost for words.
He saw himself truly and lost all his ideas to wonder…

joshua cowley Elysium reflection
Artist: Joshua Cowley https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214129274966602&set=a.10214129273526566.1073741829.1254964548&type=3&theater


big times lie ahead.

Artist: Joshua Cowley

You can feel it, right down deep in your stomach.

You’re embracing that tightness as we speak.

The jungle is creeping behind you, flicking your ears.

Don’t second guess it, crunch it like bones.

Crunch it underfoot and walk past, because big times lie ahead.

You can feel it, that vibration sensualising itself.

You’re building up to something great, like an orgasm that folds onto itself eternally.

The ocean is crashing beside you, jabbing your ribs.

Don’t second guess it, it’s style like courage.

Embrace this type of style. And slosh it around with your hands.

You can feel it slipping through your fingers as if it is not solid anymore.

You’re letting it slam the porcelain floor, cracking it open for all to see.

You look down and see a mirror, it resembles your face.

You look past your face and see the ceiling falling ‘neath your feet.

It’s blue and yellow and white and black.

Big times lie ahead.


I’m working on a scifi style time travelling adventure, with two co workers and a team of dinosaur slayers.

Don’t worry anybody, I got the time travelling time line sorted, I’ve got 1000 words down but Im looking at 7500 all up.

By far one of my biggest projects to date, it’s really just practice for my first novel.

It is going to involve research, imagination and by far, a lot of fun.

Hopefully it is fruitful and you all dig it.

I will try to keep up my daily posts but between this, work and life itself I can’t promise nothing.

The intricate dealings of money.

How to ask for money without losing dignity.

First, you shave your hair if you have any.
Then you strip off all your clothes.
You walk around in sentences mumbling something incoherent and clapping above your head.

How to ask for money for someone else without losing any dignity.

Keep on their case till either you, or they, die.

How to ask for money from a dead person.

Jump up and down on their grave and yell.
This is particularly effective if it is right after a funeral.

How to receive money, not spend it, try to give it back, then realise it has gone missing.

Keep quiet.

How to ask for money from a child.

Tell them they owe it to you.

How to ask for money from an adult.

Tell them that you deserve it.

How to ask for money from an elderly human.

Work or cry.

How to backpedal when asked for money.

First, you shave your hair if you have any.
Then you strip off all your clothes.
You walk around in sentences mumbling something incoherent and clapping above your head.
let them badger.
Let them keep on their case till either you, or they, die
Let them jump up and down and yell.
This is particularly effective if it is right after a funeral
Still, keep quiet.
Tell them they owe it to you.
Tell them that you deserve it.
Work or cry.