Agua Luca (continued)

He didn’t want to cook tonight though, so he thought he might make his way down to the Joint. They (Juan and his two friends) called it the Joint because if they were all there at once, at least one of them was likely to get thrown in the drunk tank.

Juan never felt like cooking and was always at the Joint, he doesn’t see his two friends often anymore. It suited him, because he had nothing to say.

When he arrived at the Joint it was 6:30 the only person there was the chef, she asked Juan how he was going and Juan assured her he was fine and asked if he could come in, she said yes. The owner arrived fifteen minutes later saw Juan and asked him if he brought anything for Mina to cook. Juan told him that his catch was pathetic and he spent most of the day shooing seagulls. Juan failed to tell him that he had woken up far past dawn and had only spent two hours on the boat. The owner shrugged and asked if Juan would like some dinner. Juan said not yet and asked for a pint of their cheapest beer.

Benjamin soon arrived, this shocked Juan slightly, he was expecting to have another lonely night in the tavern. Benjamin was hungry so they both ordered the Chefs Caldereta because it was always delicious and the least expensive on the menu.

Benjamin had news, but waited, Juan wasn’t sure why, perhaps he wanted to have one last normal dinner. Benjamin told Juan that their mutual friend Albert had died diving out in the rocky outcrops of their lake.

This confused Juan, Albert was the best swimmer in the village and usually fished out there with his nets because he was the only one who was consistent enough to be able to dive in every time he got his nets tangled. He always had the most interesting catches.

Apparently, Albert had received judgement from the lord early, and drowned experiencing an aneurysm.

Juan and Benjamin spent the entire night drinking for another and both ended up in the drink tank. The cop told them to sleep it off and as Juan phased in and out of his drunken slumber he thought he saw Albert standing in the cell with him dripping seawater all over the floor, Albert was holding a smouldering box with red hot embers sizzling where it touched Alberts wet hands. He had thrusted it out as far as he could and Juan asked him what the box was, but Albert just stared grimly.

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