New Author,

I’ve been thinking about how to make this website decent.
As you can tell I’ve been slack and I don’t really have a great excuse.
Perhaps because the website wasn’t exploding overnight.
You can expect this website to shift and change over time.
It might be in small increments, or it might be in radical and intense gestures.

For now, I’ve added a new author to the mix, an old friend who I honestly didn’t hang out with enough.

Get to know him over time, his lyrical prowess is far more worthy of your attention than I and I believe we will help each other grow as poets and lyricists.

He is also a musician, more lyrically so than I, so perhaps he might build a platform on this site for sharing unique music that catches the ear.

If you would also like to contribute, please contact me and we can discuss a method for doing so.

Lots of love,

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