The next big thing for Angela is to make the world whisper her name and shudder at her immensity.
A beautiful young lady with a heart of steel and an idea greater than all the rest.
Her thoughts compunctuate whatever that means and she sets out to take on the world.
Because it’s that simple dammit and she’ll be damned if it isn’t.
She walks with purpose from her home town made of stone into the big city made of marble and thrusts her tired sore bloody dirty feet in the face of the bigman in charge.
He’s not impressed, even though she walked a million miles in bare feet while he was driving to work.
She leaves mad and vindictive.
She goes to the next man in charge, he tells her to beat it and that he doesn’t want to see her dirty bloodied feet. It hurts his sensibilities.
Angelas feet are tired and their feelings are hurt, even though Angela was sure they should be a badge of tenacity.
But in this city they didn’t care, not really.
She jived peacefully to the next stop and saw a bum with a camera, she asked him to take a picture, he said “of what?” she said of my bloodied tenacious feet, He said mine are more honorable than yours and he held up his feet which were ground down into foot shaped stubs.
Angela gasped and took his camera, took a photo of their feet and their sad faces. Though Angela had a bit of hope left in her eyes.
She made flyers with her photos asking for support.
But the police tore them down, it affected their delicate sensibilities.

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