Judgement Day

Involving yourself in the ocean of consciousness invokes meaning throughout our measly lives.
Measly in the way that it is probably insignificant, but could be greater (I’m not sure.)
And Judgement! is only pure when it is in the moment, in the context & only God can judge.
Moment and context meaning we can’t judge someone for their actions if we don’t know or understand their culture or upbringing.
So, god only judges in the context, because God is pure.
If God is within all of us than we all reserve the right to cast damnation.
As long as it’s in context.
So judge yourself at least.
That’s about as much context as your gonna get.
Cathartise yourself by at least judging something because it’s in our nature because gods in all of us & only God can judge.
SO JUDGE AWAY and we can revel in our sins together.
Dip our hands in the quagmire & really immerse ourselves in the context.
Because we gotta do it.

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