The world is at my fingertips and they bleed frustration as I tap to the tap tap tap of the times.

I realise that opportunities are missed as I stare and stare stare stare into the void of too much information.

I move clumsily through this sphere that is saturated and I have no chance of being seen, I mean really seen. And life trickles on as the World around me shrinks and I stay the same, blowing into the wind nothingness because it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Hopelessness as you read out lists of useless knowledge that make you knowledgeable for no reason because Google has the answers anyway and it’s okay because who’s going to complain about the wealth wealth wealth of data and facts and acquaintances,

Imaginary or not, that you can personally mine out of something that weighs as much as a strawberry, bury me, under the weight of this new emancipatory world that weighs as much as a strawberry.

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