Blood of kings, arteries of slaves

Look at your face.

We have never been more equal.

With this blue blood pumping through our veins. Can you feel it?

And we wear velvet slippers as we beat a path on the forest floor.

We are a tangible force and there is no real reason why anyone is bigger or better anymore.

Except maybe height or strength?

But does that matter anymore?

Let’s talk about earning capacity?

But does that matter anymore?


We all share the same blood, and with each newborn we will share it even further.

We are decendants of gods and we have the hearts of the like.

When we bled our life force on to the stone steps up to the temple shrouded with mystery and mist we were varnishing the path for the future.

We have no need to spill anymore because we share the same.

Tribality is no longer the trivial taboo little piece of work that separates us.

Violence is not necessary when we are, one of each other.

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