A place called The West

by Pancho Symes

Let’s talk about a place
That everyone fears
A mountain of hate
A river of tears

The sky is red
The earth is black
The world is dead
Hope is flat.

The sinned are slain because they are sinners.
Why are they sinners?
Ask the winners.
The winners of the game called life.
The winners who slay the sinners with knife.

They speak and daggers fly
They aim for the heart
The sinners die.

The sinners are small in number.
Small in humanity.
The winners are grand in number
Noble and grand in their own white vanity.

A couple of weedy sinners
With dark skin and dead eyes
Meet mass of monstrous winners
With white treasure and hungry cries
Cries that build the mountain of hate
Fill the river with tears
In some sort of dreadful checkmate
That concludes all our colonial years.

We all fear a place
That tortures our human race.
An endless nightmare
Where we face Satan’s glare

Hell is a bad dream.
But for the sinners it’s their daily routine.
They live next to a mountain of hate
They come home at night and fill a river with tears.
They live under a red sky
On a black earth
Punished by demon cries
And evil mirth.

Let’s talk about a place
Where hate is thought
Bigotry is speech
Murder is deed
Where kin slaughters kin
Carrying out the colonial creed.

Let’s talk about a place
That everyone knows.
Everyone fears
That everyone woes

But the people who fear it
Are the winners that make it
The ones with perfect souls
With well- paying jobs
And big houses
Well to do neighbourhood’s
And big allowances
The ones who seem so perfect
The greatest winners
Are the most terrible of sinners

For behind their grin
Lurks a forked tongue
Beneath their noble white skin
Clambers a hate so restless
It must be sung

Despite the polished fare
Despite that prosperous veneer
The forked tongue will still venture out into the open air
Slyly and shrewdly it will whisper in the ear
And all good will disappear

Let’s talk about a place
Where the evil makes its nest
Where sinister hides behind prosperity
A place called ‘The West.’