Be like water folks

Noises escape my mouth like a monkey…
whoop whooooooo whoooo
We’re all just energy invested into monkeys bodies.
I’m not talking about that energy we get and feel after eating amazing fruit, I’m talking about ethereal energy, energy from the ethers which is real.
Fantastic amazing, whoop.
Do we just siphon amazing from somewhere or are we just am.. ammm… amm. amazing?

Fresh air, crickets & frogs croaking, water rushing at it’s own extraordinary pace.
Makes me want to scream in absolute and real, completely thorough enjoyment.
But I can’t, I can’t echo my voice in this paradise! I shouldn’t, as if my amazing ethereal soul is too worthy for my body which is not worthy enough for this fantastic land only because it can’t fully comprehend how absolutely phenomenal this world is!
Can yours!

How is water anyway!?
Wow, so still here, but five feet away it is absolutely pouring!
Be like water folks.

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