An Actuator!

When I was in year 3,
I heard a commentator on a footy match express and shout and I was hooked.
What a job! I thought, vocally amazing! I wanna be him!
I told my teacher, he didn’t know what I meant, I didn’t know the word commentator,
but that misses the beat.

I didn’t wanna be the guy on the field, I didn’t see the importance,
I wasn’t listening to the words they said.
I was listening to the passion, the amazement,
I wanted to be the guy everyone listened to.
But to want that makes you so awkward when you get it that people stop listening,
It makes you say worthless things just so people will hear,
it makes you arrogant in advance,
it puts you in a position where you eventually out yourself as a phony and you fall into depression even though your not a phony and you could be happy,
if you truly wanted to be, in my opinion, happy as heck.

Fresh air,  sultry sweet sunlight, clean water, oh yeah.
you could be happy as heck,
when the people that matter listen to you,
you could be happy as heck.

You could be sitting at a creek that’s bubbling away, writing a tasty little musing with a shit-eating grin, happy as flipping heck.

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