Do what people do.

Pretend like your sick!
Sick like your going to die sick.
Sick like you really have to appreciate it all sick.
So much so that this glorious, absolute & foundational world makes you weep & beckon & wish you were better.
I wish to pair myself to this beautiful, amazing place like a white wine to seafood,
I want to match so perfectly that one can’t do without the other,
But we can’t, we are ‘maybe’ parasites at best…
Symbiotically we are, in relation to nature, worse than worthless.
Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to love and worship it… nobody said we had healthy minds… we are ‘maybe’ parasites remember?
It’s just so beautiful and exhilarating! It is love! It’s like the first kiss of the woman you always dreamt of!
Or fresh air after an exam or after being sick inside for days. after breathing in that sour smell of dead yellow and writhing in sweat covered sheets wishing you cared for yourself better,
thinking of nothing but yourself.
Having dreams so out there that your mind neglects to remember except the most intense parts.
Have you ever seen your boss pull off his forehead?
I have.
The kind of dreams that make you wish you were 100% out there in the physical world experiencing the vivid dream called reality.
Building houses,
cooking dinner,
cutting things,
punching bags,
chasing wind,
kissing lips,
doing grooves,
making faces,
riding bikes,
checking phones,
laughing together,
driving cars,
shouting back,
buying stuff,
saying yes,
doing what people do.

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