The donkey, the calf and the pups

He clopped along, head long, raggedy brown coat with bits missing around the top of the shoulder blades.

Searching for food, scrounging for each skerick. A dog barks and a man waves a broom at the donkey, merely as a joke. The foreigner doesn’t get it. The man beckons the foreigner to disregard his actions, the dog barks again.

Later the foreigner runs into the donkey, the lulling donkey, standing there like he doesn’t have to be anywhere. The foreigner had just paid ten rupee for a conversation to find out his counterpart didn’t speak English. Neither does the donkey, oh well. They both stood there still.

Two puppies played around his hooves, he stood there still.

A calf licked his ear and gazed at the donkey, who stood there still.