Intuition unheard..

Lately I’ve been in to wishing my intuition was better

Maybe it is, but I don’t listen or whatever..

Instead a logical thought’s replaced by emotion

Deep reflection in the open..

Trust the process is clever.

The Schizophrenic and Mystic frequent the same Ocean..

One drowns and one swims.

Ones poison’s anothers potion.

Throughout life’s lessons I’ve been tryna keep the tokens,

But at times they get lost in the commotion…

Light Quill.

Growing up dreamed to rap and swerve cars,
But life gets taxing and they tried to have the sir charged.
For real was ODing in the city, but now I’m on my frank inscense and mur bars.
It’s first Class, disperse heart, I learn fast and I’ll master this earth, Spread love, gotta work hard.
Calm storm I be in the third eye of it,
Wavy on a beat but the flow gotta iron it.
I’m tired of the liars so I’m tryna speak honestly
We’re made in his image so my father is a god to me..


A Short Poem By Luka..

If realities Simulated,
May Tricks be exposed.
See Pythons enlighten life or lies have eyes closed.
A show…
Cause and effect,
Embedded or chose?
If Free, Will you return?
Burn Grams?
Weigh the Pros.

They’re Conning us…
Read revenue from Pills,
Truly Blew my mind..
Promise dishonest:
“You’ll be cured with this new design.”
Beneficiary been a factor,
Think they suit a tie.
The flew rides through communities & truth’s denied.