And the sunlight strikes me as I sit and the Bees fill the valley with the monotonous joy that is work.
Loyalty forces my heart to beat with happiness Panting beneath my feet, this is a soul worthy of love.
Catching flies in my wake like a dedicated soldier.
My heart beats with happiness.

Someone who loves me
My flaws awake doubt
She holds my love dear
Her heart is pure gold.
Mine has colours stretched.
She loves my difference.

In my heart I know
Her love makes me glow
That it beats red blood
Used to live in mud
and squelch sour smells
Is the future bells?

Let’s go.

Our evolution,
Built upon our souls
or our souls built upon it.
What came first?

In a blip of time
we make waves from caves
so important, is it?
It’s easy to discredit

Brought it all for a moment
with you,
and our connection.
More for this.

It’s all history…

And time just stopped,
a moment you can grasp
finally an inch of a clock
that you can almost get your hands on.

Built from the ground up
The clock tower will always boom
It’s salutation to time
and it’s non-essence.

For there is no else
but yourself’s self
as the minute hands continue
Encroaching on your damn goals.

There is still more to do
always more to do, always
unflinching in the way
life isn’t sometimes.

But for time to beat
its waves to create
A steely past
That we can mould like plasticine
That’s all we do.

The Tides of Masculinity

Bigger than the best.
Lean against that building and feel your resentment grow.
We gotta move it punk ass.
We are the perfect human.
Emotionally invulnerable
The number one sky is the limit kinda guys.
We are polite and are in touch with our feelings that we quash.
and we also stand when a lady enters the room.
How stale.
What if the lady has an adams apple, do you still stand?
Audeamus drama used to be a farmer.
But fight to save the larder.
We used to be hunters.
In a tribe.
Stronger than the rest.
Bigger than the best.


A Short Poem By Luka..

If realities Simulated,
May Tricks be exposed.
See Pythons enlighten life or lies have eyes closed.
A show…
Cause and effect,
Embedded or chose?
If Free, Will you return?
Burn Grams?
Weigh the Pros.

They’re Conning us…
Read revenue from Pills,
Truly Blew my mind..
Promise dishonest:
“You’ll be cured with this new design.”
Beneficiary been a factor,
Think they suit a tie.
The flew rides through communities & truth’s denied.

No title

Shivering with anticipation I fear,
I might do something I regret.
Pain on my hand that eeks
down my wrist.
So I’ll chop it off.
Amputate before infection

If I let it,                       If I let it.
God Forbid,
I might die                      I might die.
God Forbid,

But time moves faster than infection and we all need to make a move.
maybe, not all, but I do, I need to make a move soon, but not far and I think I’ve gone and done it anyway.

I’ve shouted a big old get on with it as I leave it up to the old gods of my hometown and find some NEW gods in a far away city.
The furthest I could go without a passport.

I start to thrive, I starved never.
I starved never.
I starved never.

I move with so much gratitude it’s leaking out of my self-inflicted sores.
and melding into the drinking water of my new city…
that doesn’t need a lesson like my old as it seems to get on with it faster
and whether I like it or not,
far beyond my control,
easier to get a grip on and let myself drift on,
and let myself drift on and let myself drift on and let myself drift on
down the river of insolence as I have never starved in my life but wish to wither and hope I don’t die but love the thought of the romanticism of aching

So I commit myself to life and its finer things when I can afford them
Let that misery and those regrets ebb and flow with the tide.
As my soul grows into something pure and real which I strive to own
Wholly one day and make it mine
like a selfish hoarder with nothing better to do than to collect
steal trinkets.

It’s about a park ranger

The ranger sits there falling thinking he should put his cards on the table
He waits for the right moment to lie down, he needs to lie down
He makes air out of the water even though he wanted to drown
He breathes in sadly making His chest shudder and swell
He sits lonely thinking Why he resigned himself to this deadly hell
And the snakes begin sliding towards him and falling from the roof
And the wasps, frogs and locusts slip through the cracks in the floorboards and windows
He’s suffocating as the frogs climb over his legs and arms


Drink it in as time leads it on till we stop acknowledging
Into the moments that fleet for it’s there
And your soul weeps into eternity
for that built up tension you let escalate
And we are, so we are, so we are.

And now I’m melting into the sides of every shape
these shapes collide as I slip through the cracks.
And fall flat on a circle.
Lights flicker on and off and on and off.

My eyes swelter in the heat
My mind tries to lift itself out of its state.
It’s alright, it’s only fate.

Sweet minutes pass by.
Enjoyed by the love of my life.

Recklessness devotes itself to me.